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Never Give Up on Happiness

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Do you ever feel like you’ve made so many mistakes you might as well give up on a dream? If so, check out my commentary on “Persistence is True Grit” and the one key that’s important to our success. It’s the topic this month on my podcast “Positive Living Through Philosophy” on the Price of Business Radio. I’m Dr. Mary Mitchell and I’ve studied this philosophy for over thirty years and what I’ll be sharing might be just what you’re looking for to enjoy greater happiness and peace of mind. I share time-tested principles and practices so you can do just that. In this episode we’ll walk through the plains and valleys of indecision and doubt and plunge into the stream that will carry us to success.


Rev. Dr. Mary Mitchell is a retired corporate manager who has been teaching the philosophy of positive living for over thirty years. It’s about regaining inner peace and happiness by using the creative process of how our mind works. In her prison ministry, she not only helps prisoners adjust to life behind bars, but when they spend 23 hours a day for weeks or months in “the hole,” a 7’x9’ room. So, join her and learn about this philosophy of positive living and how it can enhance and enrich your life. Her website is

Rev. Dr. Mary Mitchell is a regular contributor on the Priceof digital platforms. Enjoy her articles and commentaries!


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