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Remembering Ray Liotta

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Ray Liotta was an outstanding actor who captivated audiences with his charisma, his piercing eyes and his debauched looks. His list of films and television appearances is impressive.  More important is the impression those films had on viewers. 

For example, “Goodfellas” was an iconic film that showcased Liotta’s range, natural talent, and his acting abilities. It was a landmark movie that brought Liotta’s role to a whole new level, and his presence in this classic film will not be forgotten. A fitting tribute to the talented actor is a list of some of his best performances. A ranked list of his movies can be found here.

While his recognizable voice is still well known to many, he was also a beloved actor, who stepped into the spotlight a number of times throughout his career. His popularity remained unwavering despite his eccentric character roles. In fact, maybe because of those roles. From his debut role in the soap opera “Another World” to his more famous roles as Shoeless Joe Jackson in “Field of Dreams,” Ray Liotta was one of those few actors that people simply couldn’t get enough of. Though his death comes as a shock to the entire entertainment industry, we remember Liotta and his legacy.

Whether or not Liotta was in the film’s title role, his role as Capt. JT Rollins in “No Escape” will always be remembered. His performances often made him appear as an anti-hero. Having killed his commanding officer in “No Escape,” Ray’s character faced a tough choice between a savage community and a peaceful encampment. And while his performance in No Escape was a memorable moment in his career, it was equally as poignant.

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