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Combating Abuse With Safety Awareness

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The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has launched a new series of personal safety awareness videos in partnership with the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center as part of ongoing efforts to help keep young people safe. The four videos were developed and scripted by child advocates, psychologists, and national scholars, and are aimed at youth ages 14-17. The series will also be available to adults who are actively seeking out educational opportunities to learn how to better respond to and identify unsafe situations on behalf of minors.

The age-appropriate guidance is intended to help young people know how to safely seek help in a variety of situations — including when facing abuse by a family member, trusted adult, or another youth. These topics are critically relevant given that more than a third of all sexual offenses against youth reported to police are committed by another youth, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

“We are dedicated to ensuring every child’s right to a normal, safe, healthy, and secure life,” said John Thoresen, Director, and CEO of the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center. “We do this by providing the tools and resources necessary to identify, prevent, and report unsafe situations. This new personal safety awareness video series with the BSA goes a long way toward fulfilling this goal by providing those involved in Scouting, and all minors, with these resources for creating safer and healthier lives.”

Edited by Maryssa Gordon, Senior Editor, Price of Business Digital Network

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