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Negativity Can Be Toxic

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Negative emotions can be toxic to our body and interfere with balance and harmony in our life. Prolonged negative emotions can even make us sick. And usually what we’re stressing about is either long gone or not even happening yet! In the present moment, those things are irrelevant! I love what Eckhart Tolle says, that negativity is unintelligent. Unintelligent!

It’s time to recognize the part of us that’s addicted to negativity and unhappiness. Just notice it. Recognize it. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just identify with it. Put space around it. Look at it from different angles, with non-resistance, non-judgment, non-attachment. When you can just see that it’s clearly not happening in the present moment, let it go. Don’t follow it and it won’t be able to use you anymore. Step back into the present moment where no one is trying to hurt you, there is nothing to fear, it’s okay to look out a window at a tree or flower or the rain and smile.


Rev. Dr. Mary Mitchell is a retired corporate manager who has been teaching the philosophy of positive living for over thirty years. It’s about regaining inner peace and happiness by using the creative process of how our mind works. In her prison ministry, she not only helps prisoners adjust to life behind bars, but when they spend 23 hours a day for weeks or months in “the hole,” a 7’x9’ room. So, join her and learn about this philosophy of positive living and how it can enhance and enrich your life. Her website is

Rev. Dr. Mary Mitchell is a regular contributor on the Priceof digital platforms. Enjoy her articles and commentaries!


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