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How To Read Body Language

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There are some basic principles to follow to learn how to read body language. The first step is to become more aware of your surroundings. This means taking note of the way people move, their facial expressions, and even how they dress. In the body language community, these are called “baselines,” and identifying them can help you understand what people are feeling.

People often hold back their true feelings and opinions, but understanding how to read body language can help you learn how to read people better. This skill can even help you build trust. You can consciously use nonverbal cues to encourage others and show that you are confident in your ability to communicate with them.

The way people hold themselves can also convey messages about how much they respect others. For example, some people maintain eye contact with people they don’t know very well, while others feel uncomfortable with it. You may be able to tell if a person is interested in you or not by their posture, but it may be best to avoid eye contact unless you know the person well.

Another clue to body language is how the hands are positioned. A strong handshake conveys confidence, while a weak handshake conveys nervousness or intentional aggression. The hand’s position also indicates how the person is feeling, so you should look for it when you’re meeting new people.

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