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Mummy I’m Home

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed James Gebhardt, creator and CEO of

The James Gebhardt Commentaries

Ya ever wonder if Bob-Hotep from 4500 years ago really was the ‘grand cat walker’ to the Pharaoh or maybe just an Uber chariot driver?

It’s fascinating to watch the shows where they discover and open another burial site, with awe and amazement at finding the tiniest fragment of pottery or stone that definitively categorizes the life of the entombed. One PhD scholar will say “definitely from the reign of Pharaoh Axi-no-cotton” and then another says “no it’s from the time of queen De-nile”. They are very educated, but it’s still, a guessing game.

What would your mommies mummy reveal. She lived into the digital age with cell phones, tablets, computers and Internet. But as we know, time will consume the bits and bytes of our lives.

Alas, poor Yorick you knew her not, tis her fate as a picture, to be on the wall, waiting for the next generations, guessing game, to begin.

Before your Mommy becomes a Mummy, take care, because her memories deserve a better future.


James Gebhardt, the CEO of MyArkit, Inc. is 64 years young, married for 36 years. He and his wife have 2 daughters with 2 grandchildren, and 2 dogs.

James has been an Auto mechanic, Commercial photographer, and Journeymen Residential Electrician.

He is a part owner of an LLC Electric company for the past 20 years. They built their own house in 2005 on 2 acres in the country and just lived the dream.

Incorporated MyArkit Inc. back in 2020 to start helping people save their digital legacy

Learn more through the official website at, all the commentaries at and the social media:


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About MyArkit: is an online digital archival company preserving the legacy of loved ones and friends. We live our lives digitally, cradle to grave, and we save them to devices or clouds or social media sites that will either delete you, censor you, or you’ll get lost due to faulty equipment or careless handling. We have thousands of pictures and videos on our devices that get clicked away with no story behind the images that give them real meaning and emotion. Imagine you’re great great grandkids being able to bring up your life in your words and thoughts. People want to be remembered.

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