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Why You Should Consider Moving to Abilene, Texas

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If you are considering moving to Abilene, Texas, you might be wondering, “Is Abilene, Texas a Good Place To Live?”. The good news is that Abilene has a relatively low crime rate compared to the rest of Texas and the country. Compared to other states, Abilene is safer than 26% of its neighbors. There are approximately 514 property crimes and 2,649 violent crimes reported each year. The vast majority of crimes are thefts and assaults.

The city offers a variety of benefits to residents, including a low cost of living, affordable housing, and a number of popular industries. It is also very diverse, with plenty of cultural and sporting events. For families, Abilene’s low cost of living makes it a great choice for families. There are many local parks and museums for children, and the weather is often pleasant. There are plenty of job opportunities in the area, as well as a number of local restaurants.

If you want to spend your weekend outdoors, Abilene has several parks and playgrounds. There are also splash pads at local parks, as well as a National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature. Whether you want to spend your days shopping and sightseeing or relaxing on one of the local lakes, Abilene has something for everyone. With its many attractions and cultural activities, you’ll never be bored in Abilene.

Also, businesses from around the country are flocking to Abilene, including a large cheese factory from Wisconsin and an Amazon facility.  In addition there is a steady flow of businesses coming to the area. 

In recent years Abilene has undergone an impressive transformation. For years it was like a slightly overgrown small town, now it is a city on the rise with so much to do.  Yet, you can get anywhere in the city from anywhere in the city, in around 15 minutes or less. 

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