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New Report Finds that Women in Suburban Areas Will Not Vote For Trump

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A new report finds:

The findings of a new national survey conducted by All In Together, a non-partisan civic education organization, in partnership with Lake Research Partners and Emerson College Polling, is the most comprehensive study to date of women voters in 2020. The second survey of the study being released looked at 1,273 registered women voters nationwide from August 30-September 1 with a +/-2.75% margin of error.

The survey also oversampled 668 registered women voters in the following Battleground states: WI, MN, AZ, NC, VA, CO, NH, FL, MI, and PA with a +/-3.8% margin of error. The oversample was weighted down to reflect their actual proportion of women voters.


Women voters, particularly women in Battleground states, will make a significant difference in the 2020 election. All In Together’s survey definitively shows that while President Donald Trump has tried to appeal to women voters, particularly suburban women, with a law and order message and public calls to open schools, his efforts have not persuaded suburban women who view Trump highly unfavorably and trust Biden more on law and order and a multitude of other issues.  Across nearly every group of women voters, Biden holds a significant polling advantage.

However, President Trump does hold an advantage with non-college educated white women. They voted for him in 2016 and are poised to vote for him again.  This could be significant in the battleground states where white non-college women are 27-29 percent of the likely electorate while white college women are 12-14 percent of the likely electorate.

The survey found:

  • Women voters favor Biden by 11-points, men voters prefer Trump by a 7-point margin (50% Trump, 43% Biden, 7% undecided), for a gender gap of 18-points.
  • Suburban women are voting for Biden (55%) over Trump (41%) with 4% undecided.
  • Nearly half (48%) of suburban women have a very unfavorable impression of Trump.
  • Almost a half (48%) of suburban women believe Trump administration policies have made their communities less safe.
  • The majority of independent women are also voting for Biden (57%) over Trump (31%). In fact, the only group of women Trump continues to hold are non-college educated white women.
  • Women voters have an unfavorable view of President Trump (55% unfavorable, 48% very unfavorable), while 44% have a favorable view of him.
  • Black women continue to be Biden’s strongest supporters (84% support to 12% support for Trump).
  • Women under 30 are voting for Biden by the widest margin behind Black women (79% Biden, 18% Trump, 3% undecided).

Lauren Leader, Co-Founder and CEO of All In Together said of the study findings, “much has been made of the President’s efforts to sway suburban women, in part because they will be such an important factor in November.  We have shown definitively however, that women in the suburbs are committed to Biden and unswayed by the President’s claims about law and order or safety.”  Leader went on to say, “Trump is losing women across every group of women, especially black women and women under 30.  But he continues to have strong support among non-college educated white women.  Those women played a huge role in the 2016 outcome.  They are overrepresented in the battleground states and could again be a major factor in Trump’s favor.”

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