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Trump Rings in the New Year at Mar-a-Lago

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While most former presidents opt for a low-key retirement, Trump has shown interest in a return. The Mar-a-Lago club in x has become a hub for his political machine. In November, he announced a run for the presidency in 2024. It’s been a long road for the real Donald.

As he rings in the new year at Mar-a-Lago, the first family – and his entourage – are taking in the festivities. Guests include President Trump’s aides, the new Florida governor, the state’s incoming congressman and a few of the Trump family’s closest friends. One of them, Lara, recently married the new president’s brother Eric. Another, Rick Scott, brought up the latest on the citrus industry and concerns about the Dike around Lake Okeechobee.

There are a few other notable notables. For example, the state of Florida has the largest number of millennials in its population. Also, it’s the state with the highest number of Americans who have attended college. Those numbers are a boon to the state’s economy, which is in a state of flux. A number of companies tapped the Sunshine State as their sexiest home for a new campus.

And while many of his most ardent supporters have departed the Trump camp, the lords of the castle still hasn’t lost his luster. Among the hundreds of people at the party, a few dozen of the former president’s henchmen stood out. That list included Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, Devin Nunes, the chief political aide and CEO of the Truth Social app, the former attorney and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, and a handful of other lesser-known operatives.

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