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Closing Deficits Through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills

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The Price of Business Digital Network has a new series of outstanding commentaries from thought leaders.  This is one in that series.

Charisse Beach, M.Ed.

Youth Transformation Services® (YTS) NFP, founded in 2013, is a 501(c)3 providing professional development for educators, parents, students, and community stakeholders. As a learning partner to schools, our goal is to help eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion issues within the classroom. We provide products and services through SEL to positively impact the family, school, and community alignment. YTS’ programs are: Risk & Protective Factors, Mental Health Intervention, and Game-based Learning (GBL).

• Risk factors are hurdles that hinder success; and protective factors are shields to reduce the impact of the risk factors.  Common risk factors are: poverty, mental illness, at-risk caregivers, language barriers, academic failure, and a history of trauma. Our PDs  help participants to identify and address risk factors, then implement protective factors through social emotional learning (SEL) skills and strategies.

• Mental Health Intervention provides mentoring, mindful practices, counseling, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) as direct services for youth suffering from a variety of mental health issues. We help struggling youth to lead healthier more fulfilling lives by improving their access to personalized support.

• GBL enables youth to achieve personal, social, and academic success through educational technology. GBL is effective for improving student attendance, engaging and motivating students to become self-disciplined. Students with Special Needs, particularly autistic students, are provided an opportunity for joint attention and a common interest with other classmates, creating an inclusive learning environment for all students.


Charisse Beach, Author and Educational Consultant, served as principal of Premier Academy in Joliet IL., a Regional Safe School for students who had been expelled from their homeschools. Under her leadership, an average 83% of students transitioned back to their home schools with grade-level or above credits. This marked her first professional milestone; and she felt compelled to share my knowledge and experience to encourage other educators and parents. As a result, At-Risk Students Transforming Student Behavior was born in 2013. Simultaneously, she developed programs to help identify and address risk and protective factors within the family, school, and community.


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