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PACAP as a New Target for Panic Disorder Therapeutics

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Finding the Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide (PACAP) pathway in the lateral parabrachial nucleus (PBL) as a cause of panic disorders opens up a new, promising way to create effective treatments. Sung Han’s research at the Salk Institute demonstrates that PACAP, when released during a panic attack, activates neurons in the dorsal raphe through its receptors, leading to the panic symptoms experienced by individuals.
This discovery significantly shifts from conventional treatment strategies, proposing PACAP and its receptors as druggable targets. By blocking PACAP signalling, new medicines could stop the flow of neuropeptides that cause panic. This promising avenue of research offers hope for patients, leading to treatments that make them feel better with fewer side effects than current serotonin-based medicines. Also, learning about the specific brain circuits that play a role in panic disorders, like the recently mapped PACAP pathway, makes it possible for more precise and effective treatments that target the neurobiological causes of panic rather than just treating the symptoms.
These articles incorporate the detailed mechanism of how the PACAP pathway operates within the brain’s circuitry, offering insights into novel therapeutic targets for panic disorder. This research represents a significant departure from conventional approaches, marking a new era in managing this condition.
Kang, S. J., Kim, J.-H., Kim, D.-I., Roberts, B. Z., & Han, S. (2024). A pontomesencephalic PACAPergic pathway underlying panic-like behavioral and somatic symptoms in mice. Nature Neuroscience, 27(1), 90-101.

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