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Integrating Intuition and Analysis

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Quantum coaching emphasises utilising intuitive, creative right-brain processes and analytical, critical left-brain processes. This reflects quantum thinking, where a particle can simultaneously be in multiple potential states before observation collapses the wave function into one outcome. Similarly, right-brain and left-brain modes can be integrated for coaching.

Left-brain thinking is linear, rational, detail-oriented, and structured. Right-brain is nonlinear, visual, big-picture, and creative. We live in a left-brain-dominant society, but coaching works best by tapping both hemispheres. Left-brain helps parse logic, build strategies, and track progress. Right-brain aids in visioning, finding patterns, and generating creative solutions.

In quantum coaching, coaches may have clients do visualisation and then journal rational action steps. Or clients may free write to access intuition, then refine ideas critically. Coaching sessions balance open-ended probing questions to awaken creativity with focused questions that bring clarity. The coach models using both faculties.

Integrating the two modes builds neural networks across the hemispheres. This allows for greater complexity of thought and processing power. Coaches help clients synthesise the pieces into an integrated whole. Tapping intuition uncovers latent dreams and passions. An analytical effort tests feasibility and devises a strategic roadmap. The combination is more generative than either mode alone. It leads to resonant goals and balanced plans.

Quantum coaching develops self-awareness when we are one-sided. Growth occurs by learning from the opposite mindset. A left-brain blindspot may be flattened emotions or difficulties visualising. Right-brain excess can mean indecisiveness or lack of structure. Integrating both propels quantum leaps in personal evolution. The coach guides this dialectic process.

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Dr. Terry McIvor is the founder of the International  Guild of Hypnotherapy,NLP and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers. (IGH3P)

IGH3P  is a professional development body which develops the skills of coaches, Hypnotherapist and NLPers.

He is an educationalist of over 20 years experience and has been accredited as a STEM and Science expert at level 6 and 7 by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) in the U.K.

Dr. Terry is also an NLP trainer, Master Hypnotist, a qualified Hypnotherapist  and 3 Principles Coach.

He is trainer for most of the leading hypnosis professional bodies in the U.S including IACT, ICBCH,IMDHA, and the Elman Institute,

Dr. Terry has set up his own accredited STEM school in the U.K. called AISR, it is through his academy he conducts his teaching and research.

Learn more at You can email him at

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