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Missing Georgia Mom Found Dead 60 Miles From Her Home

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A missing Georgia mom has been found dead in a ravine, 60 miles from her home. Collier had last been seen by her husband just before he went to bed. Her car was unlocked and her phone was equipped with a tracking system. Police are now investigating whether or not she was involved in a crime.

Missing Georgia mom’s body was found in a ravine off of the highway

The body of a missing Georgia mom was discovered in a ravine off the highway on Monday after she last communicated with her family. The mom was found in a nude with burn marks. She was last seen leaving her home in a rented SUV while her own car was in the shop. She also took her driver’s license and credit card. Authorities do not know why she disappeared.

After sending money to her daughter, Deborah Collier disappeared. Her adult daughter discovered the message on her cell phone, which included a nearly $2,400 transfer to her account. The daughter tried calling her mother, but she never picked up the phone. When the mother did not answer the phone, her daughter reported her missing.

Her husband told police he last saw her before he went to bed

Debbie Collier was a longtime front office manager at Carriage House Realty in Athens, Georgia. She and her husband had been married for about three years. The investigation into her death continues. Her husband told police that he last saw her before he went to bed on Saturday. Police are also looking into reports that her children received sinister messages.

When police responded to the call, they found her vehicle parked in the driveway. The car was parked in full view of passersby. The K-9 unit located a red tote bag and partially burned tarp near the car. Police do not know the cause of death, but they are treating the case as a homicide investigation.

Her car was unlocked

Two days after Debbie Collier’s disappearance, police in Athens, Georgia found her body in a ravine. She was last seen at around 9 p.m. on September 9, according to her husband. Police are investigating the case and have ruled it a homicide. Her daughter, Bearden, had tried calling her several times, but received no response. She reported the missing person to police and waited for an investigation.

Debbie Collier was reported missing in September after sending $2,385 to her daughter, Amanda Bearden. After receiving the money, Collier’s daughter tried to contact her, but she did not pick up the phone. She also did not answer the phone when police tried to contact her.

Her phone was equipped with a tracking system

When police learned that Debbie Collier had rented an SUV, they began a search for her. The phone’s tracking system led investigators to US 441 near Victory Home Lane, approximately 60 miles north of her home. They found her body in a ravine off a highway and immediately notified her family. During the search, local authorities also found a red tote bag and partially burned blue tarp. According to the police, Collier worked at Carriage House Realty in Athens.

Police also discovered that Collier had sent a chilling message to her daughter, indicating that she was being held against her will. Bearden tried calling Collier on her cell phone shortly after she received the message, but her mother did not answer. She reported Collier missing to Athens Clarke County Police, who are treating the death as a homicide.

She sent her daughter a chilling text message

When her daughter called her mom’s cell phone to report that her mother was missing, she got a chilling text message in return. The message suggested that Collier was being held against her will, police said. Bearden tried to call her mom multiple times, but her calls went to voicemail. Police in Athens, Georgia, are investigating the case as a homicide.

After a rented SUV, Debbie Collier went missing in Athens, Georgia. Authorities said she went missing on September 10, leaving her husband and daughter behind. She was found in a ravine about 60 miles from her home. She was last seen Friday evening with her debit card and driver’s license.

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