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Trump Sues Journalist Bob Woodward for Releasing Interview Recordings

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Trump is suing journalist Bob Woodward for releasing interviews. He says that the recordings were illegal, and he is seeking damages. In a lawsuit filed in New York, he claims that Woodward exploited the interviews to earn money.

The former president also accuses the publisher Simon & Schuster and Paramount Global of copyright infringement. He is asking for $475 million in damages. It is unclear whether the lawsuit will succeed.

Donald Trump has filed several lawsuits against journalists and news outlets in the past. Recently, he has filed label suits against CNN and the Washington Post. These lawsuits are part of his overall escalation of attacks on media coverage.

One of the most recent lawsuits is against Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward. According to the lawsuit, Woodward violated the terms of a contract. He interviewed President Trump for more than a dozen times during his campaign and the first months of his presidency. After the final interview, Woodward published an audiobook containing his interviews.

However, the lawsuits against Woodward and the publisher of the book are a response to their work. While Woodward may be responding to the criticisms of his work, his wife wonders if he is talking to the president like that.

Aside from the lawsuit, the Trump team is pursuing a number of other counts against Woodward. They are claiming that he breached the agreement by including the audio files in the book, and they are claiming that the book constitutes a violation of Florida trade law.

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