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What’s Next for Boris Johnson after the Confidence Vote?

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After Boris Johnson of the UK Survives A Confidence Vote, Now What? Conservative lawmakers are becoming increasingly concerned about the Prime Minister and there was much speculation whether he would survive a confidence vote.

Despite the scandals — particularly the violation of the country’s COVID restrictions — that have plagued the British government, Boris Johnson has survived a confidence vote. In a vote that was overwhelmingly negative, he was able to gather enough votes from Conservative MPs to remain in office for at least another year. This means that the Conservatives are unlikely to challenge him for at least a year. However, the result is political poison for Johnson. Theresa May of the UK, who also survived a no-confidence vote, resigned six months later.

For a list of COVID violations the Prime Minister is Accused of Making click here.

The British Conservative Party is not without its problems and Boris Johnson will no doubt have a difficult time rebranding in in the face of increased public dissatisfaction and soaring inflation. The fact inflation is a global problem doesn’t help Johnson much. The Tories will be facing an uphill battle to rebuild their brand against a populace that is increasingly skeptical of the government’s policies. Moreover, their allies are now questioning Johnson’s ability to lead them in 2024.

The Conservative Party’s rules prevent another  confidence vote for 12 months, but if the by-elections go badly, the ruling party might change the rules. Johnson may suffer further damage. Some commentators are calling for Johnson’s leadership, in spite of the fact he survived the most recent challenge. 

The long term prospects of Johnson as PM are pricuarious at best. The Conversation reports:

“Boris Johnson has survived a ‘no-confidence’ vote by 211 votes to 148 votes against his leadership. But Johnson’s margin of victory is smaller (as a percentage of all Conservative MPs) than that achieved by his predecessor, Theresa May in 2019, six months before she resigned and he won the support of the majority of the Conservative Party and took office. Now, after weeks of speculation during the ‘partygate’ scandal, 40% of his MPs have attempted to vote him out of power.” 

Most political pundits doubt that the Prime Minister will survive for long.



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