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David Wilcox’s Commentary Feature on the Price of Business Digital Network

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David Wilcox retired medically from the Oceanside Police Department in his home town of Oceanside, California. He was one of the most highly-decorated officers in the history of the department and a multiple gold-medalist in swimming in the Police Olympics during his law enforcement career.  In 1985, he swapped coasts, moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia, to attend graduate school at Regent University. While there, he was selected to work as an executive protection officer (aka bodyguard) for Pat Robertson, the Founder and President of the Christian Broadcasting Network. It was an exciting and challenging time to be at Pat Robertson’s side. Always a controversial lightning rod, Pat Robertson was just beginning a political campaign in his quest to become the Republican party candidate for President of the United States. David’s job was to keep Pat Robertson safe and alive while traveling the globe.  His first book, Protecting Pat Robertson – Confessions of a High-Priced Bagman is part memoir mixed with exposé. In it, David shares the revelatory truth of what it was like during those exciting yet challenging years. This book is the first of two memoir-style books he has written thus far. His other book, The Trial of the Devil Incarnate: Ralph Reed – God’s Flim-Flam Man exposes the scandalous truth about the duplicitous Ralph Reed, the former Executive Director of Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition. It reveals the shameful facts about the man the Huffington Post labeled as ‘one of the monumental hypocrites of our time’ in an innovative and informative format. A ‘tell-it-like-it-was’ author, David Wilcox pulls no punches revealing the behind-the-scenes truth about being Pat Robertson’s personally selected bodyguard. The revelations will leave you amused, bewildered and even shocked.

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