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How To Invest in Our Greatest Assets

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As we live in a fast-paced and interconnected world, we often overlook the importance of those around us. However, a wealth of hidden treasures await us when we truly observe and appreciate them. Every interaction holds the potential for meaningful connections, whether greeting a coworker with a warm smile every morning or offering a helping hand during a challenging project. When we are open to people’s unique experiences, talents, and perspectives, we can enrich our own lives. Recognition and appreciation of others’ contributions foster community and a supportive working environment. Kindness, gratitude, and empathy can create a ripple effect, inspiring others to follow. Additionally, as we learn from diverse individuals, our horizons expand, increasing our knowledge of the world. In unexpected places, we find inspiration, guidance, and friendship. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of human connection, and pause to look around. Our journey through life is enriched when we cherish the value of those around us.

Adam Langford, Character building Coordinator at Glory Bound Athletics, Inc. Expert in character building and Youth development. And Spiritual formation. Masters degree in Christian ministry, undergraduate in information technology, youth pastor, executive board member (Character building coordinator) of Glory Bound Athletics, Inc., and developer of Going for the W!!! Presents the I Am Series in association with Glory Bound Athletics.

Glory Bound Athletics, Inc. develops young men and women into not only basketball players but to be leaders on and off the court as well. Through character development and teaching them what being a leader in both sports and the community is all about. Sports sell themself! We sell character, leadership, education, mentoring, accountability.

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