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House Republicans Threaten to Retaliate Against GOP Senators Who Support the Omnibus

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House Republicans have threatened to retaliate against any senator who supports a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package. The package includes many earmarks. It would fund the federal government through September 2023. Some earmarks include funding for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Title X, which provides family planning services for low-income women.

In addition, a number of House Republicans have threatened to oppose any legislative priorities of any GOP senator who supports the spending deal. As part of the upcoming debt ceiling debate, House Republicans could attempt harmful spending cuts.

A number of newly elected members of the House signed a letter opposing the omnibus bill. Many of these members are conservatives. They have already issued official rebukes to their Republican senators.

Senators Rick Scott and Rand Paul are among those who led press conferences opposing the NDAA. While some conservative lawmakers have also threatened to vote against the omnibus, some Senate Republicans are taking aim at the GOP leadership.

Representatives Greg Bishop and Matt Gaetz have issued public criticisms of their Republican colleagues. These lawmakers have received thousands of shares and likes on their tweets. And some state parties have passed resolutions calling for a formal censure.

Several House Republicans have also sent letters to their senators threatening to block consideration of any bills that the GOP senators sponsor. That includes bills that address immigration, social security privatization, Medicare benefit cuts, and other issues.

House Republicans are also preparing to take control of the House next month. This will give the GOP majority more power over legislation.

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