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New State Voter Fraud Units Finds Few Cases From Midterms

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Despite claims that the United States is facing an unprecedented level of voter fraud, an Associated Press investigation found few cases in six battleground states. The investigation relied on data from state and local election officials, as well as the reports of state attorneys general and secretaries of state.

The majority of cases investigated involved allegations of possible double voting or dead voters. Unlike in states like Georgia and Arizona, most cases were isolated and did not show evidence of systematic problems.

In Arizona, the state attorney general’s office has investigated 198 possible cases of voter fraud. Some of the cases involved allegations of double voting, while others were attributed to possible voter confusion or administrative errors.

In Nevada, officials identified 93-98 potential fraud cases from 1.4 million ballots. Most of the cases involved two individuals suspected of submitting 50 fraudulent absentee ballot requests. In one case, a man was on parole for a felony drunken driving conviction and asked a poll worker if it was OK to vote for Donald Trump. The man’s registration number mistakenly associated with another voter’s record. The man voted twice and was arrested.

The state has not loosened its felon voting laws in recent years, despite a citizen initiative that would allow Republicans to approve voting restrictions in the state. The GBI is currently helping the secretary of state’s office investigate a breach of voting equipment in Coffee County in 2021.

In Pennsylvania, two AP reporters contacted election offices in all 67 counties. Counties contacted said they have no record of suspicious activity, but election officials are requesting additional information from other counties.

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