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Suspected Stockton Serial Killer Arrested

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Police have arrested a suspected serial killer in California. Authorities say he has killed at least five men and a woman in the past few months, with the last killing occurring in September. The killings all occurred in poorly lit areas at night, and all of the victims were alone. The murders took place between July 8 and September 27, and they all happened within a four-mile radius of each other.

A suspected serial killer has been arrested in Stockton, California, and has been charged with homicide. The arrest came after surveillance teams had been following Brownlee as he drove around. They stopped him in a neighborhood around 2am on Saturday, and he was carrying a handgun and a mask.

According to police, Brownlee engaged in threatening behavior and frequently stopped in isolated locations before driving away. Investigators have not yet identified his motive for the attacks. They have not revealed the identities of the victims or whether or not they were shot or stabbed.

The suspect was arrested early Saturday morning after police received tips that matched the suspect’s description. The arrest happened in a quiet residential neighborhood near a park, similar to the victims’ locations.

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