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Sending Fresh Water over Salt Water

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Water is life. That’s the motto of an up-and-coming bottled water brand south of the equator. Located out of Pokeno, New Zealand, Pure NZ takes delivering fresh, clean water to never-seen-before levels. In the words of the brand, it knows that “pure water, uncontaminated and mineral rich, to some equals the value of gold.”

With this water-first perspective, the staff at Pure NZ has dedicated itself to delivering the freshest water in a convenient and sustainable fashion. The Kiwi brand has remained relentlessly committed to this high-minded goal ever since it was founded just over a decade ago.

From its genesis, Pure NZ focused on more than shallow corporate social responsibility messages and empty marketing content about environmental ethics and sustainability. Instead, the company went all-in on creating real change. It put its money where its metaphorical mouth was by creating a dedicated bottling facility that was purpose-built for bottling water in rPET bottles.

This state-of-the-art bottling plant was built right over an underground aquifer, allowing the company to bottle the crystal-clear liquid of life right at its source. Between the natural product itself and its sustainable packaging, Pure NZ has taken the New Zealand beverage industry by storm.

It has already been audited for the Woolworths Supplier Excellence Program (WSEP). In addition, it has received the Australasian Bottle Water Institute (ABWI) certification and was also awarded the ABWI “Order of Excellence.”

Pure NZ continued to lay ambitious plans that stretched far beyond the borders of Middle Earth. With a popular sustainably sourced and packaged product in hand, the company has dedicated itself to a growing an international market of thirsty consumers.

Of particular note is its recent push into the North American market. The United States is an area that is well known for an obsession with health and wellness, luxury experiences, and prepping for the unknown — not to mention an enormous amount of bottled beverage consumption. The region presents an incredible potential for this burgeoning bottle water company to meet needs and make a difference. From quality H2O to eco-friendly overtones, there’s no knowing how far this expertly helmed operation from the Land of the Long White Cloud will go in its mission to deliver sustainably sourced liquid life to the world.

Edited by Maryssa Gordon, Senior Editor, Price of Business Digital Network

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