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What is MasterRestore?

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How does MasterRestore nutraceutical work?

MasterRestore provides a zeolite defense starting with the gut, where many toxins first enter the body via anything we ingest. However, this powdered zeolite is formulated to protect and nourish the whole body, defending against incoming particles BEFORE they get into the cell. The particle range is crafted so the majority of the zeolite particles penetrate the gut lining, working on pathways throughout the body. The slighty larger particle sizes will remain in the gut until eliminated. Taking MasterRestore allows MasterPeace to work deeper. It can be used alone but, MasterRestore is an excellent companion to MasterPeace.

We use the highest grade zeolite possible from a mine that handles the product exclusively for internal use. No other zeolite mine does this. The particle range size is also very specific, most being in the 1-10 micrometer range and the rest being in the 10-40 micron range. MasterRestore is able to bind and safely move out from the body larger particles of toxins than our nano zeolite liquid formula.

We pair this with the best fulvic mineral powder that, when ingested, is in the nano range. This means it is able to deeply nourish your body with soil-based minerals from ancient soil. Together, the pristine perfectly sized zeolite with the slightly smaller sized fulvic acid is able to bind and nourish tissues instantly using the same mechanism of action as MasterPeace but on a different scale.


Matthew Hazen is the owner of Human Consciousness Support, a company that produces a unique nutraceutical product called MasterPeace. His quest to raise the health and consciousness of himself and all of mankind ultimately led him to heavily research zeolites and marine plasma. Matthew was mentored personally under Michael Coe, Chief scientific officer of Kansas State University, one of the top nano research labs in America. Together they formulated a nano sized zeolite particle range never done before. Matthew went on to develop this formula further with his own assistant to make it the most bioavailable possible enabling it to simultaneously cleanse out modern toxins and nourish the cell itself.

Matthew is a true humanitarian and man of great integrity. His heart and soul go into everything he does, including his family of 5 children and life partner, Laura. While he started and maintained successful businesses throughout his life, his interest in holistic health kept increasing. He realized mankind needed a solution to deal with the onslaught of environmental toxins, lack of nutrition and ever lowering consciousness.

Matthew has manifested a team of doers like no other to assist in the production, education and dissemination of a one of a kind product that holds the highest consciousness field known at this time. He is a fierce protector of it, his family and team. A true humble leader.

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