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Two Doctors Discuss Diabetes

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, welcomed Dr. John Poothullill to provide another commentary in a series.

The Dr. John Poothullil Commentaries

Dr. Palpu Hazel, MD is a child & adolescent psychiatry specialist in Scottsdale, AZ, with 56 years of experience. A colleague of Dr. John’s, and having known each other for many of those years, Dr. Hazel has kindly supported Dr. John’s curiosity and questioning of commonly held theories, little did he know that these ideas would one day change his own life.

When Dr. John published Eat Chew Live, Dr. Hazel followed the recommendations in the book and lowered his own A1C numbers which had dramatically increased due to overeating and age. He recalls his experience with cutting his carbohydrate intake while sharing that he suggests these diet changes to his patients. Physical health plays a large role in mental health plus many of his patients suffer the consequences of high blood sugar. Both doctors hope you will take the pledge to do better for yourself.

John Poothullill practiced medicine as a pediatrician and allergist for more than 30 years, with 27 of those years in the state of Texas. He received his medical degree from the University of Kerala, India in 1968, after which he did two years of medical residency in Washington, DC and Phoenix, AZ and two years of fellowship, one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the other in Ontario, Canada. He began his practice in 1974 and retired in 2008. He holds certifications from the American Board of Pediatrics, The American Board of Allergy & Immunology, and the Canadian Board of Pediatrics.During his medical practice, John became interested in understanding the causes of and interconnections between hunger, satiation, and weight gain. His interest turned into a passion and a multi-decade personal study and research project that led him to read many medical journal articles, medical textbooks, and other scholarly works in biology, biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, and cellular metabolic functions. This eventually guided Dr. Poothullil to investigate the theory of insulin resistance as it relates to diabetes. Recognizing that this theory was illogical, he spent a few years rethinking the biology behind high blood sugar and finally developed the fatty acid burn switch as the real cause of diabetes.Dr. Poothullil has written articles on hunger and satiation, weight loss, diabetes, and the senses of taste and smell. His articles have been published in medical journals such as Physiology and Behavior, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, Journal of Women’s Health, Journal of Applied Research, Nutrition, and Nutritional Neuroscience. His work has been quoted in Woman’s Day, Fitness, Red Book and Woman’s World.Dr. Poothullil resides in Portland, OR and is available for phone and live interviews.To learn more buy the books at:

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