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2021’s Back-To-School Trends

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Usastrong.IO is the place to get cool back-to-school gear and tools to navigate back-to-school safely while highlighting made-in-USA products and locally manufactured goods.

Moms, high schoolers, and Millennial college students are optimistic about the return. Yet there’s no denying they’re shopping in a new reality brought on by COVID. One upshot of this is that consumers have become brand switchers at an unprecedented rate, especially Gen Z and Millennials. Driving this attitude is their passion for shopping locally to protect the environment as well as support local businesses. They’re not so motivated by innovation or balance sheets, but by purpose.

This season it’s all about self-expression and staying safe with ease.

Retro fashions like bell-bottoms are currently trending. Lace tops and dresses are gaining traction with women and kids. Hair accessories, baseball caps, and scarves are sprucing up wardrobes. Perhaps it’s a reaction to these uncertain times or a pushback on big impersonal brands, but personalization is also big this year. With the focus on health and responsible caution, lunch bags help Mom or Dad send kids off with pre-packed healthy snacks. Nails are the ultimate expression for personal style this fall, vendors offer colors rivaling Crayola.

The trend extends to personal care with shoppers scoping out body creams and facial moisturizers that aid them in caring for their skin, along with color cosmetics to enhance beauty and create an individual look.

Edited by Maryssa Gordon, Senior Editor, Price of Business Digital Network

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