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Helping Parents Shop Like Teachers

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Shipt knows that after a whirlwind year, parents may need a little extra help when it comes to shopping for school supplies for their kids. That’s why they went straight to the source and surveyed 1,000 teachers on what students really need this back-to-school season.

Teacher-approved tips for a great back-to-school season include:

The ABCs of Back-to-School Buys.
54% of teachers said pencils will be the number one item to restock: “My students NEVER have enough pencils to do their work.” Not surprisingly, 67% indicated parents will need to constantly restock hand sanitizer and tissues throughout the year. However, many teachers say books and book covers are the top two traditional school supplies that should be left on shelves to collect dust (hello, e-books)!

Teacher Hacks.
Highlighters are so last season. About one in ten teachers claim sticky notes as their number one teacher hack to help even the most forgetful students keep organized. Additionally, dry erase markers and whiteboards seem to be a big hit with teachers this year, so say goodbye to chalk. And the top three supplies teachers advise parents to get this year: USB drives (23%), calculators (21%), and dictionaries (21%). Don’t be that parent that lets these pro tips fly under the radar!

Make Lunchtime Extra Fun.
58% of teachers recommend leaving a note in the lunchbox is the little extra fuel kids crave during lunchtime, so don’t forget to stock up on note cards and markers to have on hand.

Stick to a Routine.
Getting back into a routine is going to be more important than ever. 13% of teachers recommend developing a morning ritual to allow for a smooth transition for children heading back into the classroom, starting with a good night’s sleep and early breakfast. Parents listen up! The same amount said it’s crucial for parents to get involved by exemplifying a positive attitude to set the tone with students. And for those on the PTA board, several teachers recommend school uniforms to help limit decision-making on what to wear (hey, we’re just the messenger, kids)!

Edited by Maryssa Gordon, Senior Editor, Price of Business Digital Network

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